Start an SEC group

While the Pennsylvania Senior Environment Corps (PaSEC) is a state-wide program, coordinated by Nature Abounds, we are also in need of local groups to help out by being a sponsor of their local SEC group. As a sponsor, your role would be the following:

  • Hold regular meetings for your SEC group to keep things running smoothly as well as promote a sense of group cohesion.
  • Aid Nature Abounds with any logistics related to training your SEC volunteers (ie…finding a training space, help with scheduling a training) and for SEC project deliverables.
  • Help connect SEC volunteers with local projects they can be involved in and promote their efforts.
  • Update Nature Abounds regularly on your SEC groups’ activities.
  • Work with Nature Abounds on recruiting new volunteers for your SEC
  • Work with Nature Abounds to ensure the sustainability of the PaSEC group. As appropriate, provide letters of support for grants that Nature Abounds is submitting on behalf of PaSEC groups.
  • Help identify funding opportunities for your SEC.
  • Conduct regular inventories of equipment and supplies (if applicable), and inform Nature Abounds what you have as well as what you need in a timely manner.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please let us know.