Schuylkill County SEC

The Schuylkill County Senior Environment Corps, hosted by RSVP of Schuylkill County, works with the Schuylkill Headwaters Association, Schuylkill Conservation District and the PA Department of Environmental Protection to provide ongoing volunteer support for stream monitoring.

Volunteers, following tested protocols, provide chemical testing on specific waterways throughout Schuylkill County, as well as, grab samples for bacteria sampling by labs when requested. Waterways tested are either currently impaired and on the high priority list for a restoration project or those that have active treatment systems in place, but need ongoing monitoring to determine the efficacy of the projects.

In addition, RSVP hosts a bluebird trail to encourage nesting of the endangered Northeastern Bluebird. Volunteers erect and monitor nesting boxes suitable for that species.

Volunteers assist with community education projects by demonstrating a groundwater flow model when requested and help with the annual Bear Creek Festival, a one-day event to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage environmental stewardship.