Philadelphia - Center in the Park SEC

The Center in the Park Senior Environment Corps is a group of dedicated volunteers in the Philadelphia area who value the area's natural resources and are working to conserve, preserve and improve the environment for future generations. Established in 1997, the Center in the Park Senior Environment Corps provides opportunities for older adults to play an active, visible role in environmental protection, education and advocacy.

Volunteers participate in a variety of important projects such as monthly water quality monitoring, habitat assessments, tree plantings, watershed tours, environmental events, advocacy projects, school programs, youth and community education and outreach programs and trips. Members are encouraged to attend and participate in local, regional and national efforts, trainings, and conferences.

Membership is open to anyone with a willingness to share their time, experience, expertise, and enthusiasm with the group, the community, and other interested urban audiences. We have a variety of volunteer positions open for all ages and interests. Instruction and equipment are available for all scheduled activities and events.

Interested in becoming involved or just curious about what we're doing? Contact us for more information.