Adams County SEC

Adams County Senior Environment Corps (SEC) volunteers conduct monthly water monitoring of various streams throughout Adams County. Some volunteers go out into the streams to collect water samples; others do a chemical analysis of the samples by conducting a series of tests. Twice a year, trips are taken to a streamside test site to conduct a macro-invertebrate count of the “critters” living in the streams. The Adams County SEC group has collected over thirteen years of data on several local streams. The group members get together for a monthly meeting to discuss new ideas as well as other local environmental programs and opportunities.

The Adams County SEC also has a group known locally as the Adams County Senior Ranger Corps that helps out at the Eisenhower Farm National Park. Here, they help coordinate volunteers, aid at public events, help with gardening, and they also help preserve photos, videos, and historical artifacts.

Anyone who is concerned about the quality of water in our county and other environmental issues is welcome to join us!