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Nature Abounds

What is the SEC?

Nature Abounds™, a national 501c3 non-profit organization, encourages you to unplug from the societal "norms", wake up to the natural world around you, and to take action for a healthier environment. To do so, we RISE to the occasion:

  • Raise awareness through education, action, and inspiration.
  • Inform about environmental issues.
  • Strengthen the voice of action.
  • Engage all ages in creating healthier communities and a healthy planet where people and wildlife can co-exist peacefully.

visit us www.natureabounds.org

SEC members are generally 55+ years of age and are engaged in environmental activities like water quality monitoring, environmental education, marking abandoned oil and gas wells and helping with trail restoration and park clean-ups.

  • Pennsylvania SEC - Volunteers have contributed well over 2,500,000 hours since 1997.
  • Maryland SEC – We now have a SEC group located in Cecil County.
  • Alabama SEC – Currently we have one SEC in Alabama, located in the Huntsville and Madison County area.
  • Florida SEC - Info coming soon